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Well this is terrifying.


It’s what I’ve been trying to say, people speak to you about ferguson about Brazil about Ukraine but venezuela is also going through a harsh dictatorship, young students are been murdered by the military authorities and police, the media has shut down all of this and tumbrl hasn’t been of much help everytime there is a post about venezuela it gets so little notes like it’s not important and it’s been going on for the longest time , everyday we go through violence, there’s murders and Robbery on the streets at every turn, robberies murders and rape INSIDE college walls. People can’t study the career the want for their future because you have to pick “the safest college” and that’s the one where you’ll just get mugged and not raped or murdered, there’s no food in the supermarkets and we have daily light and water rationing everyday the front page of ALL the news papers are MURDERS or RAPE or MINOR ABUSE but nobody tells you about us, and if you think we’re not important, FUCK YOU
Sorry if you find the tagging disrespectful, but it’s the only way this will be heard, I’m tired of my country’s situation being ignored

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