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back to the land without internet for the holidays

will miss this dusty blue website

be back soon

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Portrait, Studio Manasse, Vienna, c1920s

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Everton footballers in the bath after training, taken by George W Roper for the Daily Herald, 1938 (via National Media Museum UK)

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Maya Deren, Screenshot from Maya Deren and Alexander ( Hammid) Hackenschmied’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”      1943

“My reason for creating is almost as if I would dance, except this is a much more marvelous dance. It’s because in film, I can make the world dance!” Maya Deren

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Amalassunta occhio giallo, Osvaldo Licini, 1950, oil on canvas

It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
— Annaka Silvia   (via senyahearts)
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Mak Arbeit ph.

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